Defective Construction

Defective Construction

Our bread and butter. From weathertightness to passive fire and fire engineering. We understand the cause of failure on the most complex of projects. This drives our Architectural division to provide pragmatic and technically driven solutions. We specialise in multi-unit high rise buildings.


Building Investigation

Our team of experienced engineers have worked extensively on a varied range of new and defective building projects, providing a range of services from initial defect inspection and surveys, including, structural, fire, weathertightness and environmental testing, through to design and remediation.

We can produce a range of reports to suit your requirements.

In the event of a potential legal claim, we will prepare a full report detailing the cause and damage associated with the defects. This document forms the basis of our expert role in the legal claim. If there is no legitimate claim to the building, we will investigate to assess the extent of the damage in order to advise on the scope of repair works required. This information can be used to form early estimates of construction costs.

We have been hired by plaintiffs for claims of up to $25,000,000 and have stood as Expert Witness in High Court. We are recognised building experts in the field.

Expert Witness

We are widely respected and experienced in providing accurate technical reports on defective and leaking buildings. When these matters give rise to legal claims, we assist legal counsel and prepare briefs of evidence.

We have appeared in the High Court and Mediation, Judicial Settlement Conferences, Weathertight Homes Tribunal and rulings on some of the most important leaky building claims in New Zealand.

We have researched and advised on a wide range of buildings, from single-storey residential to highly complex multi-storey, commercial, institutional and high-rise buildings

Design Solutions

We can lead your remedial and new build architectural design solutions.

  • Consented drawings
  • Tender and analysis
  • Contract negotiation
  • Contract administration
  • QA inspections and sign off

If your project requires it, we will work with Project Managers to help reduce overall construction costs.

Contract Administration

When utilising our design services, we can be appointed as Engineer to the Contract for the construction works. This is an independent role where we work for fair execution of the contract and have no bias to either party involved within the contract. As part of this role, we will advise you on areas of building quality, project cost and time.

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