Building Surveying

Building Surveying

ASJ’s founding directors are highly qualified Chartered and Registered Building Surveyors, placing this role at the core of our business. We take great pride in our specialized knowledge of building performance, which allows us to assist you with property-related inquiries, identify risks, and provide strategic recommendations.

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Our team of surveyors at ASJ possesses extensive experience in New Zealand construction and is well-versed in the challenges the industry has faced over the years. This expertise enables us to carefully strategize remediation or renovation projects, taking into consideration your budget, timeframe, and specific needs.

We prioritize delivering valuable advice in various contexts, whether it’s during the construction development phase, property acquisition or disposal, or when making improvements to your property.

At ASJ, our Building Surveyors offer a wide range of services, including:

  • Accessibility reports
  • Building pathology and defects analysis
  • Building remediation/renovation planning
  • Change of use assessments (e.g., office to retail use)
  • Cyclical repairs and maintenance
  • Defective building investigations
  • Development monitoring
  • Dilapidations assessments (on behalf of landlords or tenants)
  • Expert witness services
  • Insurance assessments
  • Peer Review of technical reports
  • Planned maintenance programs and strategies
  • Pre-acquisition surveys
  • Schedules of condition, including photographic documentation
  • Technical due diligence surveys

We are dedicated to providing comprehensive solutions tailored to your specific requirements, ensuring your property investments are well-informed and successful.

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