Commercial Property

Commercial Property

Whether you are a landlord or a tenant, we will help you to understand your property, your priorities and your cash-flow. We assist prior to purchase or lease, and at disposal or end of tenancy. We project manage your new builds, fit outs and the curly ones in between construction work.


Technical Due Diligence

Whether you are a potential buyer or an existing owner looking to sell your commercial property, we can help you maximise your property’s potential with our Technical Due Diligence (TDD). Potential buyers can discuss their requirements with us so that we can provide customised inspection and reporting services. Identifying possible future issues provides a great pre-sales negotiation tool.

Feasibility Studies

If you are considering redeveloping an existing property, feasibility studies can help you determine whether it is a viable project. ASJ believe that early identification of what works best to achieve your desired outcome is important.

We understand the requirements set out in the Building Code. We know what will be approved by the local authority and can combine this with our technical due diligence service.

Contract Administration

We can also be appointed as contract engineers for construction works. This is an independent role and we are committed to ensuring fair contract enforcement. As part of this role, we will advise you on construction quality, project cost and timing. We conduct a comprehensive building inspection and review to provide you with an in-depth schedule of repairs to be carried out at the end of the lease. We will act as your representative to discuss the cost or repair work required to bring your property back into lease condition.

Planned Maintenance

We create long-term maintenance reports that are truly useful to our customers. These reports include full cost estimates to help plan funding for years to come. They allow for pragmatic thinking and we focus our work together throughout the year as it is cost-effective for building owners. Maintaining your property is important to preserve its value and reduce the risk of unexpected and unexpected expenses.

Condition Assessment

At the start of your tenancy, we can provide you with a clear document showing the condition of the property. This document can then be used as part of the lease agreement to reduce potential disputes at the end of the lease period.

Property Redevelopment

AS Jacobs can provide you with technical guidance to determine whether your project is feasible and complies with the New Zealand Building Code. We can collaborate with your architect or other design specialist, delivering our technical know-how to support your building project’s success. The staff at AS Jacobs have experience managing construction contracts, establishing and implementing suitable quality assurance strategies, and soliciting bids for construction projects.

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